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"...since we established a "Dealer locator" on our website we increased the "Sales per Visitor" conversion rate by 40%. Thanks to your support staff for the extensive help..." Alan Smith
"...Thanks for your great product and the support while implementing. We used your data for our real estate portal to let visitors narrow down the search to an area around their zip code. What a great extra for our website visitors..." John Willstrop
"...Works great for our dating community. It allows our members find other members in their area. It was that easy!!! Never experienced such a fast and competent Live Chat Support before. Special thanks to Peter..." Marta Healy
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Japan ZIP Code Database
Japan ZIP Code Database
includes all Japan ZIP Codes (updated monthly) and prefecture, city, place plus latitude/longitude.

Useful for distance / radius searches (free scripts: 'show all ZIP Codes within x kilometers/miles) or address validation, verification or standardization. Read more
ASP / PHP radius calculation
Radius / distance calculation
a collection of scripts and code in various scripting and programming languages (like ASP, PHP...) to calculate distances between ZIP codes and extract ZIP codes within x miles of a given radius.

All of our customers have free access to download an example script in the desired language. Read more